Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Motels are a No Go

A conversation I had today with my 12-year-old about our spring break accommodations:

Me: I booked our condo today.

Him: Is it a motel?

Me: No, it's a condo.

Him: Why can't we stay at a motel?

Me: A condo is nicer.

Him: Why? What's the difference?

Me: A motel is what you see sometimes when we drive down the highway. The doors are on the outside. As opposed to a hotel which has a bigger lobby, the rooms are nicer and you enter from the inside.

Him:  But we aren't staying in hotel. You said we're staying in a condo. Don't we enter from the outside in a condo?

Me: (Long Pause.) Yes. Ok, look... motels are cheap and dirty. You're dad tried to get me to stay in one in San Fransisco. It had cigarette butts in the ash-tray and candy wrappers on the floor. And the sheets looked unclean and there were bars on the windows. I cried until we finally left. (pause)
Plus the people on CSI always die in motels. We're not staying in a motel.

Him: Oh, that makes more sense.


  1. Lol... That's so so funny. But so true!!! I'm glad it made sense to him after your explanation. Anyways, Welcome to the MBC Community!!!

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    1. Yes, it was comical!! Thanks for reading...I'm headed to check out your blog! Best wishes!!