Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy and Not Me

My husband and I had breakfast at IHOP this morning. Harvest Nut & Grain pancakes. Yum.
We also had the pleasure of sitting next to, what I assume was, a Mommy and Me Group. 
I did the inconspicuous head tilt toward the group and whispered, "A Mommy and Me group."
My husband continued eating, "Why didn't you ever get involved in a group like that?"

It's a good question, really. He already knows the answer. Which is why he laughed when he asked the question.

But then I thought, what is the reason for my not participating in a Mommy & Me Group? I came up with several.

I'm not a super emotional person. There are many things that have shaped my distorted view. If you're in a Mommy & Me Group, don't get all irritated. It's just my opinion. Which, if you ask anyone in my family, doesn't count. I'm sure women's lives are enriched in some way and they're better from Mommy & Me, blah, blah, blah. Or something beautiful and personal.

So, I made a list of the reasons I've personally never participated in Mommy & Me.

1. I think "Mommy & Me" would've been more appropriately named, "I'm Bored and My Real Friends Are at Work."
2. I never had an organized diaper bag, let alone a stylishly colorful one. I barely remembered mine. (mostly I didn't remember it.)
3. It didn't seem like my idea of FUN. If I'm going to be part of a group, I want it to be fun. Like maybe, The Anti Mom-Jean's Club.
4. Hang on tight for this one (please don't send me hate mail.) It seemed pathetic. Like, the only people who would want to hang-out with me are the other pathetic people that signed up to be part of this group.
5. And if I'm being totally frank, I wouldn't have enough invested in any of these women to care when their child walked, talked, or said mama. I just wouldn't.

I should mention, my husband read this post and said, "Heather, Mommy and Me is a child-centered group. It's meant for the kid." Huh. This never crossed my mind. Which probably indicates that the problem lies with-in me, and not so much the group. So really, I inadvertently helped these women by not participating with them. And I even somehow managed to find friends who had similar aged children, all by myself. Friends who share the same distorted views.

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