Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey, Hey, Hey, J.J.!! Wait, that's Dad.

Today, while reminiscing with my mom and grandmother, I came across some old photos. Welcome to my version of Show and Tell.

Holy mauve pants and matching sock hat. This picture is kind of fuzzy, but oh so fashion forward. Which is bizarre considering this is the same man who secured a license plate on his rusted-out Dodge Ram truck with duct tape that read, "If u toucha my truck, I smasha u face." Meet my dad. Or, as we like to refer to him in this pic, J.J.  Dynomite!

He's with my older brother, and the family dog Samson. I'm not quite born yet, which from the looks of this picture, is a small victory for me. I've been told there is a home somewhere near. But I'm not totally convinced that they didn't reside in the tent shaped dog-house and cook atop the rusted out trash barrel. 
Mom did study the picture and quickly confessed that, yes indeed, this looks to be around the beginning of their 19-year downward spiral. Yes, I can see it.

Check in tomorrow for a peak into my childhood anti-grooming and overall personal care rebellion. Which still carries over today.

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