Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Pulling the Car Over and Other Happy Vacation Moments

Welcome to the year 1987. The year when my parents decided to trek across the entire Continental United States in our mini-van. And, apparently, the year I stopped using a hair brush. I'm not sure what qualified this trip as a good idea? We like to refer to this time period as the Pre-Divorce Era. Also known as the, If I'm not going to be happy, nobody is, DAMN IT era. (And the beginning of my personal care routine as we know it. Less is definitely more.)
Even though my father isn't in the picture. I assure you he's there. My 11-year-old looked at this picture and asked if I hated this vacation. I told him not nearly as much as Papaw hated happiness.
He was one of those fathers who would say, "If you laugh one more time, I'm pulling the car over!" Only, as far as I know, other fathers reserved this saying for frowned upon activities like, crying, screaming, punching, and belching...Which were firmly high-fived in our mini-van.

Stay tuned for Pre-Divorce versus Post-Divorce pics and not only did I lose my hair brush, but where the hell are my pants?

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