Monday, April 9, 2012

Ahh, Sweet Vacation and Other Crazy Things

I'mmm baaack.

Ahh, Vacation. It's always a sweet experience for our family. And this trip was no exception.  

I learned that though I have not been officially diagnosed with IBS. It's as good as fact. In addition, I learned that when my IBS kicks into high gear, my husband gets very fidgety and nervous...but still deems it unsafe to pass in the "no pass" zone. If nearly shitting my pants doesn't do it, nothing is going to make this man break traffic laws. More about this on a different day.

Somehow in the last year, I have also picked up the nervous habit of grabbing the car ceiling and lifting my right leg to the dash when my husband is traveling at a high rate of speed toward the back of a stopped car on the interstate. And he has picked up the habit of becoming very pissed off about my new habit. At one point he yelled, "how many times have I run into the back of a car!?!" Which, I felt, was a good question. So I responded with, "I don't know? How many?" To which he responded, "One time!" To which I responded, "Why would that be your redeeming argument?!? You can't ask that and then have run into the back of a car. Ever." Wow.
I don't have a good explanation for my behavior other than his driving skills must've fallen off at some point.

But through all of the dysfunction, I learned that my husband still fills up my heart and makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. I love my kids and think they're brilliant. And I love the sunny weather. It makes me a better person.

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